Motion Graphics

Logo Sting for Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Social Media

D/P/S Post Occupancy Evaluation

Fit Mix App Promo

Fit Mix contracted me to make them an Instagram promotion video. Their goal was showcasing their new app update.

After meeting with the client to establish their goals, I researched video app promotions and made storyboards. Then, I created mobile app prototypes in Adobe Illustrator. I made each icon, profile picture, and screen from scratch. I used a 3D phone template, added the screens, and animated the phone in Adobe After Effects. I choreographed the words and movement to music.

This video is still on Instagram bringing awareness to their app and helping expand their client base.

New Mexico Education

I made this video for the non-profit New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty in November of 2018. The purpose was bringing awareness to events in New Mexico Education.

This took me about three days. I combined free footage, music, and imagery in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. This was a special project for me because the issue of access to education is close to my heart. 

Storylab Social Media Animations

I created animations for Storylab Interactive’s social media. I created the Spring Promotion in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I masked separate videos of flowers blooming and collaged them into the image fading in.

I made the Europa Immersive Dining Promotion e in Adobe After Effects. I hand drew the image of Europe and then made it a vector in Adobe Illustrator. I created the firefly effect with special effects software called Trapcode.

Personal Projects

I have found the more I personal projects I make the faster I am on big projects. So I make sure to stay sharp with plenty of personal motion design projects.